Anyone looking for a piano teacher need look no further than Eleanor Tracey. Eleanor is an exemplary teacher for young  and adult students. She is  intuitive, patient and full of enthusiasm and encouragement. Eleanor is also extremely competent and thorough; she has seen my young son through both festivals and exams, and he has excelled in large part due to her expert tutelage. I cannot recommend Eleanor enough!      -    S. Davis

My daughter has just begun her third year of piano lessons with Mrs. Tracey.  What initially attracted us, location of the lessons and the fact that she came highly recommend from a school friend, is not what has kept us here.  Not once in over two years of practices has our daughter ever not happily gone to piano practice.  Mrs. Tracey has been extremely patient and understanding and seems to always know just exactly what to teach and how far to push the students. Our daughter is learning to love music and to that we can thank Mrs. Tracey. - P. Shaw

My 4 1/2 yr old daughter started piano lessons with Eleanor in September 2013. From the moment we met Eleanor, she was kind, gentle and had lots of patience and knowledge. Eleanor is available to answer all the questions that we had. My daughter learned to play Jingle Bells in just 3months! I would totally recommend Eleanor to my friends. Thanks Eleanor for the great job that you are doing.  - K. Gill

It has been my extreme pleasure to know Mrs. Eleanor Tracey for the past several years (so many that I’ve forgotten exactly how many!!).   Mrs. Tracey has taught my three daughters over these many years and she has always shown great patience and kindness, as well as skill and pride, when it comes to teaching her students. In addition to her obvious display of caring while teaching, she always goes that extra mile to ensure that her students are rewarded and recognized for their efforts in tangible and non-tangible ways.  Her annual Christmas and Year-end concerts are always well-attended and bring great pride for each and every parent, student and guest.  - D. Ford 

I have been a school teacher for the past seventeen years, and am therefore very familiar with the qualities of good teaching. I would declare that Ms. Tracey is a master teacher at her craft. She does an amazing job at delivering curriculum. Although my daughter is only doing piano for fun, Ms. Tracey has been making her become a very technical player. She breaks the skills down into manageable chunks and adjusts her explanations to my daughter’s ability to understand.

Ms. Tracey not only encourages her students during their lesson, but also encourages the students to practice regularly, provides internet links and other resources as well as informs us of opportunities to see concerts of master pianists. - B. Giles